Alex Phan

b. 1997, Ho Chi Minh City

Alex Phan (Phan Hoàng Gia Hân) was born, and is based in Saigon, Vietnam. Alex embarked on her film photography journey in 2013 and had the opportunity to study and improve her craft in the United Kingdom for two years. During this formative period, she managed to consolidate her knowledge and made tremendous progress in black and white film photography alongside her other specialties, including experimental photography and graphic design. Through her work, Alex navigates two separate yet equally important explorations: one which unravels the invisible standards placed upon modern women, the subjects of which she conveyed using Lomography and oil painting in order to create the unreal world; the other dwelling into everyday reality, neatly expressed through the landscapes she captures in sharp contrast black and white film photography.

  • Machine Is Nature