I am a member of an artist collective. Can we apply?



Who are the jury members and mentors?

Artistic Director and curators of The Factory with senior Faculty members of Fulbright University, Vietnam


I don’t live in a major city in Vietnam, can I still apply?



I am not a visual artist, am I eligible?

No. We define a ‘visual artist’ as an individual practitioner who employs varied media (such as painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, video, sound, photography, performance, print-making) towards the realization of objects / encounters that will be displayed together as an exhibition.


I don’t speak English. Is that a problem?



I am not a Vietnamese national, can I apply?



Can my proposal focus on more than one element?

The focus of main study must be one element, however what we are hoping is that the research of that one element demonstrates its interdependence on all others.


Am I expected to attend all public programs associated with my project in Ho Chi Minh City?

No – the travel budget will be managed by Fellow in consultation with The Factory. Fellow will attend as many public programs as budget will allow.