The Factory is equipped with space you might be interested to hire! Whether it is an event for your own exhibition, a community cultural gathering, an annual business meeting, a corporate launch or seminar program, the premiere of a luxury brand, or a boutique ‘office’ or creative ‘studio’ – we might have just what you are looking for! The Factory seeks to be a meeting place for all kinds of creative minds, diverse in scale and interest and capacity! 


Here’s the list of what we have to offer:


A. Venue for events:

The Factory offers you three options:

  1. WhiteSpace:

    Our brand new 120m2 space is built as a venue or not only visual arts activities (exhibition, performance, musical, dancing, workshop and more) but also corporate events (conference, gala dinner, team building, product launching, private event etc.)
  2. Workshop:

    If you are looking for a small venue to host an event for under 50 people (discussion, presentation, short course, showcase products/ ideas, …), then our Workshop space with 67m2 is perfect!
  3. Arts Centre:

    Our largest space (275m2) where our main exhibitions and programs take place. Its availability depends on our curated programs – it could be free for you between our exhibition rotations!

For enquiries please contact:

Or directly brief to us your enquiries through THIS FORM,  we will get back to you from 1-3 working days.


B. Office/ studio for lease: 

Are you an independent artist/ creative? Are you looking for space to use as your studio?

Are you a startup company, looking for a small to medium office to rent? 

If you are in need of inspiration and find a  typical office building a bore then look here to satisfy your need for innovation!! 

Our container-office could be for you, with two options in size: 13m2 and 26m2 with the following bonuses:  

  • Full use of the container (you can decorate as you like!)
  • 24/7 access 
  • 24/7 security
  • Free: parking & access to The Factory’s exhibitions
  • Daily cleaning service (for contract minimum 1 year and 6 months rental)


For enquiries please contact:


*Profit earned from all space rental activities goes towards our program costs, at our Arts Centre, here at  The Factory.