Congratulations to the three successful candidates of Materialize 2020/2021 – Thy Nguyễn, Tuyền Nguyễn and Nguyễn Hải Đăng!


In May 2020, Thy Nguyễn (HCMC) presented his newest experimentations with printmaking – one of Fine Art’s most traditional artistic languages. Through his critical questioning of ‘the original’ and ‘the copy’, Thy challenges our conventional views of the ‘print’. Tuyền Nguyễn (HCMC)’s solo show is rescheduled for June 2021, in which the artist combines the imaginative realm of painting with the science of solid geometry, questioning both the rational and the emotional in the process of art-making.


Due to unexpected limitations caused by COVID-19, in 2021, instead of a national Open Call, The Factory has directly invited artists who we believe fit the needs of Materialize to send in their portfolios. Our chosen artist for Materialize 2021 is thus Nguyễn Hải Đăng (HCMC). Traditionally trained as a lacquer painter, in his latest works, Hải Đăng continues his long-term project, using  techniques of lacquer and oil painting to delve into the psychological realms of domestic relationships and spaces.


Images: Tuyền Nguyễn Alone acrylic and oil on canvas 2021 (left); Thy Nguyễn Contemporary Habitat ink on paper 2019 (middle); Nguyễn Hải Đăng Memories lacquer on wood 2017 (right).

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