Materialize’ is an ongoing exhibition program, initiated by The Factory in 2017, in response to the great lack of space and opportunity for Vietnamese artists to experiment and display their art in Vietnam. This program seeks artists willing to be challenged to extend their experimentation with concept and media beyond their official training and general assumptions about art, who understand that to exhibit their work demands consideration of their audience and how their art is received and understood by a visiting general public.


This program is open for application to artists born and currently living in Vietnam and over the age of 23. Artists must submit specific information for consideration, which will be assessed by an appointed jury. There will be 2 opportunities for 2 artists to do their own solo show in a particular designated space of The Factory. Each exhibition will be on view for 6-8 weeks. 


In understanding our role to encourage artists to read, write and talk more about their art (in addition to the most crucial labor of making the actual art), ‘Materialize’ is changing its structure in 2020. Over a 6 month period prior to their exhibition opening, the successful ‘Materialize’ artist will be expected to visit local exhibitions with Factory staff and talk about what they see; write short texts on artists of influence and how they are of impact on their art; open their studios for invited expertise to give feedback on their art; visit the studios of other particular local established artists and, much more! All of this is considered preparation for the creation of a solo exhibition for each artist at the end of the 6 month period (composed of existing or new artwork). 

Deadline for applications: 21 October 2019


How to apply:

  1. Download application form HERE.
  2. Provide no more than 5 images of previous work (each image file no larger than 1MB)
  3. Provide no more than 5 images of proposed work for exhibition (each image file no larger than 1MB). If artwork is yet to be produced, please provide detailed sketch of the proposed artwork
  4. Artist CV with up to date exhibition history
  5. Artist statement & project description (max. 300 words). This is desired but not mandatory
  6. Send all of the above to, with subject line: ‘MATERIALIZE APPLICATION’


Who is applicable?

  • Vietnamese artists born and currently living in Vietnam 
  • Artists 23 years old and above


What are we looking for in the artist as applicant?

  • Portfolio of work demonstrating experimentation with concept and technique, possessing evidence of making art on a regular basis
  • Artists who have had little opportunity to create exhibitions of their art
  • Willingness to work with a curator in the realization of their exhibition


What are the dimensions of the designated space for this exhibition?

  • 4.1 x 3.4 x 2.8m (please see here for photos and floor plan of ‘Zone 8’, it is a room with 3 walls)
  • 13 x 5.1 x 3.2m (please see here for photos and floor plan of ‘Zone 6’, it is an irregular room with 1 continuous wall only)


What sort of art form is NOT applicable?

  • Performance
  • Dance


What does The Factory provide?


  • Funding to cover the cost of installation, de-installation, transportation, promotion, exhibition opening, and some artwork production costs.
  • A curator from The Factory to liaise with artist regarding exhibition license approval; generation of promotional text; finalization of exhibition design and installation


  • The Factory owns a limited variety of audio-visual equipment to which we will do our best to provide


What are the responsibilities of the successful applicant?

  • To work effectively with staff from The Factory in the timely provision of requested information on their art for license, budget, promotion and exhibition needs
  • To provide a public program (e.g talk, workshop, lecture, etc.) on their exhibition
  • To commit to a period of 6 months prior to exhibition opening to work with a curator from The Factory. Schedule is flexible and will be mutually decided by artist and The Factory.


What are the opening dates for these exhibitions in 2020?

(Installation would be 5-7 days before each opening)

  • Materialize #8: early May 2020
  • Materialize #9: early November 2020


Who is on the jury assessing these applications?

Bùi Công Khánh, Bill Nguyễn and Nhung Walsh


For further enquiries, please contact:


(Image: artist Võ Thuỷ Tiên in the making of her personal project)