The Factory would like to send a big thank-you to all the artists who applied to our 2018 ‘Materialize’ program; all applications showed dedication, talent, with a mutual love and respect for art-making!


A big congratulations to the artist Nghĩa Đặng (Hanoi) who made it this year! In December, Nghĩa’s first solo show in Ho Chi Minh City takes place, showcasing a body of multimedia works which explores his childhood fears and obsessions, and which looks at the influence of intimate spaces and objects (such as the house he lived in, the dining table of his family or his own bed when he was a child) on the understanding of human behavior.


More information about ‘Materialize’ here.


In the exhibition ‘Scenes of the imago’, Nghĩa Đặng sets a stage where images, and a glimpse of disconnected scenes of shadow in his subconsciousness are intertwined and revealed. This stage is akin to a game, an intersection between instinct-object-ritual on the threshold between animal and man during the construction of the ‘self’. ‘Scenes of the imago’ offers an initiation for approaching the ideas of ‘shadows’, a leeway for explorations of the continuum of the mirror stage in the personal history of the artist, to the most primordial state of his self. The setting seeks to evoke an uncanny atmosphere of the liminal space between violence and healing, between familiarity and alienation, between the unconscious and the conscious.