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Instructor: Julien Noyer
Date: 13-14 May and 27-28 May 2017 (weekends)
Time: 10AM – 4PM

[cq_vc_stackblock]InstructorJulien Noyer
Date: 13-14 May and 27-28 May 2017 (weekends)
Time: 10AM – 4PM
Location: Workshop @ The Factory (behind the bar)
15 Nguyễn Ư Dĩ, Thảo Điền W., D2, HCMC[/cq_vc_stackblock]

What is 3D mapping ?

3D mapping is a technique that combines 2D/3D animation applied on geometric surface with a video projector. Basically, we start with building a 3D illustration model which is 100% identical in size to that of a real object. Then from the model on the computer, we will use techniques and lighting effects to create 3D images, harmonized with music and then perform on the real object. 3D projection mapping is growing in popularity and demand each day. Unlimited possibilities of projection mapping have overcome the challenges of the extreme creativity involved in projects. Objective is to communicate, inform and map out the possibilities of projects, allowing the creative process that is needed to achieve such a massive display to be assembled with you, not just for you.

What will we learn?

This workshop will be divided into 2 sessions:

– creative session (ideas + story board)

– execution (2D and 3D animation using photoshop / AEFX / C4D) 30sec > 1 min video 

Extraordinary music will be available for the student to use. They are creations from the Vietnamese music composer Solid Machine. Throughout the workshop, we will go though some basic animation tutorial to give everyone a chance of a beautiful result. You will be guided by Julien and supported by his assistant to practice techniques and then display them on some 3D sculptures provided.

A mini performance of all the created work will be happening at the end of the workshop.

What’s the outcome?

Anyone who will follow the whole workshop will end up having his own 3D mapping animation and a good technique base to develop their own 3D mapping skill later on.

Who can attend?

– Students or Professional comfortable with Adobe creative suite / and even better Cinema 4D

– Target school of design / motion designer

– You will need your own laptop, it will make the whole class easier for you to follow.

Preferably MAC


Class 1:

– Introduction + theory about 3D Mapping in general

– Technique (use of Madmapper and Resolume)

Class 2:

– Story board + execution

– 3-4 tutorials about the technique (animation, 2D, 3D)

Class 3:

– Continue the execution with mentoring, more tutorials.

Class 4:

– Finishing your performance

– Outcome: Your own product showcase.

Max attendance: 15 ppl

Minimum attendance: 8ppl

Level: intermediate 

Fees: 900,000/per/course (4 classes)

The class will be taught in English and we have Vietnamese translator

Please register at: https://goo.gl/forms/nm8iGbZnESqJFdth1 until May 10th 2017. Your registration will be confirmed when you finish class fee 100% before May 13th 2017

For more information, please contact: aoa1@factoryartscentre.com | +84 (0) 837442589

About instructor:


Motion Design / VJ / 3D mapping / Stage Design

Julien Noyer was born in Paris and grew up in the south west of France. He always had a creative mind and started to draw at early age. He went to an Art and Craft high school where he studied graphic design and got a diploma in Web-design.

Through Web-design he has learned digital animation for online advertising which naturally moved to him towards Motion Graphic Design. As he was studying a work for the french creative studio “Shiva Com” he went back to school to study FX // editing Video followed by an extra year to start 3D modeling. In 2011 he randomly subscribed to a 3D mapping contest for the Kernel Festival in Italy. Julien then participated to the “Robot Festival” in Italy, following the topic: Revolution. 

After a 2 years break in Australia he decided to move to Vietnam to join the art and design community of HCMC

He currently resides in HCM which has allowed him to express his art to its fullest capacity as a 3D Mapping Artist and VJ. 

He played in most venues related to art and music in HCMC and participated in some festivals as Oxymoron, Kaleidosoup and Quest festival.

Follow Julien: