Palimpsest, 2011 – present

Light projections using handcrafted ‘Lacquerscope’ projectors composed of glass, sơn ta resin, pigment, aluminum, inox, cork, aramid fiber, plastic; gold, silver and aluminum leaf; steel

6 components: dimensions variable


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Oanh Phi Phi

Born in Houston in 1979, Phi Phi Oanh received her BFA at Parsons School of Design (2002) and a Masters in Art and Investigation at the University of Madrid Complutense (2012). In 2004, she received a Fulbright Grant to research lacquer painting in Hanoi. Since then, Vietnamese lacquer has become central to her work, which focuses on its potential as a painting medium to convey memory or reflection, examine current theories of the image and expand into more experimental methods and scale.