Cycloid 5, 2018

ink, watercolor, marker ink, gold leaf, colored paper, joss papers glued on white paper

48 x 32 cm


Toàn bộ tác phẩm tại The Factory đều có thể được đặt mua (trừ khi có ghi chú khác từ trung tâm). Vui lòng liên hệ để biết thêm chi tiết.

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Kenny Ng

b. 1993, Ho Chi Minh City Kenny Nguyễn grew up in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. He graduated with a degree in Visual Arts from the College of Art and Design, Lesley University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. After completing his Bachelor’s degree in the US, he returned to Vietnam to live and work in Ho Chi Minh City. Kenny’s works are often personal, abstract and poetic.