Broken & Fixed series (group 6), 2019

Installation size variable

03 photographs. Inkjet print on paper, 16,4×12,3cm each

01 video. HD, color, sound, duration 49’’

01 sculpture. Ceramic, glue, clay, 17,5×7,6cm (DxH)



All artworks here are available for sale, unless otherwise stated. Please contact for further information.

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Vo Thuy Tien

b. 1985, HCMC Originally from Phan Thiet, Tiên Võ has been living and working in Saigon since 2003, and holds a BA Fine Arts from the University of Architecture (HCMC). Considered a “creative chameleon”, Tiên is a creative director, writer, and visual artist, working predominantly with photography in addition to storytelling, illustration and the moving image.