Đức Vũ

‘Photography helps me think and connect with people… I am particularly interested and concerned about urban development, the transformation and disappearance of the architectural and cultural heritage where I live’.


Đức Vũ (b. 1982, Hue) works with the camera. Drawn to ageing or abandoned architecture (fascinated with its historical innovation), disenfranchised community (concerned with their struggle for livelihood); the need to adapt spiritual rituals or the plight of our natural world in the face of gentrification, his images bridge the public and private world, predominantly taken within Saigon. Embracing social media as his primary exhibition space, Đức Vũ holds a degree in Interior Design, Hong Bang University; is co-founder and director of architectural/design firm, DTDecor Company; and is co-founder of café/exhibition space, ‘Saigon Life’. Đức Vũ lives and works in Saigon.

Đức Vũ lives and works in Saigon.


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