Warmest regards to you and your family for the year 2022!

This is Ti-A Thuy Nguyen, writing on behalf of The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre. 

Ever since we opened our door in 2016, our team at The Factory has had the honour of building the place into a meeting-point for all art lovers. Together, we has created beautiful memories through a diverse range of programmes such as exhibitions, art talks, workshops, collaborative long-term initiatives and innumerable informal meet-ups. Every moment we had shared is a moment that our team at The Factory will hold in our hearts with fondness and gratitude. 

Unfortunately, our city – Ho Chi Minh City – has suffered greatly under COVID these past 12 months. The Factory has been closing its doors to the public since June 2021 due to strict social distancing regulations. The pandemic has taken a lot away from us all, including our ability to deliver programmes the same way we used to. The Factory will enter a temporary hibernation beginning January 2022. Though with much sadness, we understand that change is the only constant. We believe that this is in fact an amazing opportunity for us to take some time off from our busy event-schedule to review our journey and plan for a new chapter, with a new team.  

And we will definitely be back, when the landscape of the ‘new normal’ becomes more visible. It may be too early to talk about what the future holds for us. However, as time moves us on, context changes and our programmes need to reflect that. We will also move to a new home, at 165 Nguyễn Văn Hưởng, D.2, Thủ Đức city, HCMC. Since we are no longer pursuing a rigorous exhibition schedule, a more humble home is a better suited space for this new adventure. 

Regardless of the transition, our commitment to supporting artistic practices remains unchanged. When we finally see each other again, we are certain that The Factory will have a new, refreshing outlook. 

We thank you for your continuing support, and we are very much looking forward to seeing you again. 

Sincerely yours, 

Ti-A Thuy Nguyen.