‘The Glass Box’ is a private exhibition program, initiated by The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre, dedicated to our VIP community who are interested in collecting and supporting the production and showcase of art in Vietnam. This program began in October 2017 with the aim to curate a range of special displays featuring modern and contemporary Vietnamese art. Open by appointment only, in a specific gallery space inside The Factory, this series of exclusive private exhibitions is accompanied by guest lectures on the latest international art market trends, in addition to select artist talks, studio visits and private previews of all shows.


The aim of ‘The Glass Box’ is to eventually build an active network of awareness and support for Vietnamese art at The Factory*, with a private membership of art lovers, art collectors, cultural entrepreneurs and educational expertise that recognizes the value of art and culture as an innovative tool for social and economic growth in Vietnam.


* The long-term goal of ‘The Glass Box’ program is to showcase international works of art in dialog with Vietnamese artistic production.


‘The Glass Box’ series of Editions will change on a rotational basis. Each Edition will be accompanied by specific intimate gatherings aimed to further understanding between modern and contemporary art practice, with the view to better network support for the arts within our local community in Ho Chi Minh City. Where possible we will invite relevant local and international expertise to share their knowledge, offering rare access to industry, market and exhibition concerns of contemporary art (with particular initial focus on Vietnam and Southeast Asia).


At this stage, our intimate VIP gatherings are without charge, however it is hoped, in the long-term, that a strata of annual membership can be created for this program. Such membership would go towards the costs of maintaining the program, in addition to organizing VIP tours of specific art events abroad (ie. organized tours with VIP access to Art Basel Hong Kong; M+, Hong Kong; National Gallery of Singapore).


The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre operates as a ‘social enterprise’ business, whereby all profit from sale of art, food and beverage on the property goes towards the sustainability of its Art Centre. As the first initiative of its kind in Vietnam (in addition to being the first purpose-built space for contemporary art in the country), it is critical that our community are made aware of the exciting role they can play as supporters of our work.