Inner Circle is a membership program initiated by The Factory to encourage practitioners of the arts in Vietnam to attend our programs and activities at a discounted rate! One of The Factory’s missions is to strengthen our local art community’s connection through exhibitions, events, discussions and special-created gatherings, hoping to connect and network talent and skill, offering a way for The Factory to better understand our local arts community.


Inner Circle also seeks to support low-income art practitioners, in order to enable their participation in The Factory’s creative activities and positively contribute to the Vietnamese art scene. 


Membership benefits: 

  1. Special ticket price for exhibition and public programs: 40,000vnd
  2. 10% discount for ticket of Live Art events
  3. Opportunity to network with other individuals and organizations who are also contributing to the arts
  4. Opportunity to participate in projects initiated by The Factory


Who can be a member of INNER CIRCLE? 

  1. Members must live in HCMC (or with evidence of being able to attend at least one event per month)
  2. Be an artist working in the following media – visual art, sound, film/photography, literature, theatre, dance – with portfolio demonstrating experimentation of concept and technique, possessing evidence of making their art on a regular basis
  3. Arts and culture curators and researchers


How to apply for a membership: 

  1. Provide your basic information (Full-name, date of birth, phone, email, occupation) 
  2. For arts practitioners: Submit images of previous works (since 2015) (not exceeding 10 images), and images of latest/ on-going works or sketch of upcoming work (not exceeding 5 images)
  3. For curators/researchers: Submit history of projects / writings that have been realized/published or in progress
  4. CV, with latest update
  5. Apply your application to email: with title “INNER CIRCLE APPLICATION”

*note: the whole application should be no larger than 5MB



Each member card is applied for buying 01 ticket with discount price when member attends to The Factory’s program (this does not apply for buying multiple tickets)