The Factory would like to express gratitude towards all artists who applied to our 2019 ‘Materialize’ program. Your diverse practices and dedication made this year particularly challenging for our judges… So, thank you!

Congratulations to our three finalists! In May, we welcome Võ Thuỷ Tiên (HCMC), her photography-based practice delving into the different layers of her personal life, asking what drives and controls one’s needs and desires. In August, painter Nguyễn Ngọc Thạch (HCMC) showcases a body of work inspired by the psychological void left behind by our fast-paced, machine-controlled life. In November, we bring you Đặng Thuỳ Anh (Hanoi), whose multimedia work compares human and mollusc societies, intrigued by their similarities in social interaction and survival tactic.

Looking forward to working on these projects and seeing them eventuate at The Factory!