Galeria showcases artworks available for sale from The Factory.

Selected paintings from Phan Thảo Nguyên’s haunting and alluring watercolor series ‘Voyage de Rhodes’, together with pieces from her body of sculptures ‘Your daughter is a traitor (Magical bow)’, will again grace our summer Galeria (starting from 20 May onwards). Forming part of her solo exhibition ‘Poetic Amnesia’ (showcased at The Factory 15 Apr – 2 June 2017), these works reflect Thảo Nguyên’s longtime fascination with how and why the Vietnamese language was given a Romanized script, a history the artist uses to project her imagined world, a memory re-called or entirely made anew. Dancing across the walls in the back room are Đạt Vũ’s photographs from of his ongoing project ‘Muted Conversations’ (first shown in an exhibition of the same name at The Factory 10 Aug – 15 Sept 2017). Taken during Đat’s extensive travels throughout the country, these (sur)real images show how local people, across diverse regions, perform rites and rituals in sacred spaces and in daily life; in public and in private; and how they incorporate and maintain these traditional spiritual practices in the constant flux of changes between historical heritage and new influences from contemporary life.

The Factory operates as a social enterprise, whereby all profit from sale of art and business on the property supports the running costs of its art-related programs. For more information, please contact the reception desk or call the hotline: +84 (0) 283 744 2589.