The Autumn Galeria (starting from 20 July 2018) features the sculpture ‘Mask’ (2015 – 2017), which was displayed in the exhibition ‘In One’s Breath – Nothing Stands Still’ (from 02/03 – 09/05/2018) by artist Tuấn Mami. The project ‘In One’s Breath – Nothing Stands Still’ by Tuấn Mami is conducted on the basis of the artist’s ongoing fieldwork in the stone mining areas of his hometown, Hà Nam, since 2014, to investigate and document the pollution and significant loss of biodiversity caused by overexploitation of natural resources, and its devastating consequences on the structure of culture, and the people inhabiting this land. ‘Mask’ belongs to a sculpture series of the same name made from ceramic. Each work is a one-to-one reproduction of real-life headgears, often used by the inhabitants of Hà Nam when working on the fields, in factories and mines. Hollow and hovering in silence – what are they? Are they evidence of human survival efforts? The last remnant, surviving after humanity has been obliterated by itself? Or, as a monument, honoring those who have undergone the test of time, things that have continued to testify, fight and defend for right?

Beside ‘Masks’ is the photographs depict the everyday life in Hà Nam – where houses and temples are cracked (because of dynamite blasting), most are covered with curtains (to avoid dusts) of different shades of purple. All are eerily buried in a layer of whiteness due to the pollution.

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