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We aim to elevate the Vietnamese food scene with the art of healthy eating. We source our ingredients locally, focusing on being as organic as possible and ensure our menu is homemade, sustainable and vegan/vegetarian friendly with contemporary presentations.


We aim to promote the art of healthy eating with flavours that are not defined within the cuisine of a country or lines drawn on map. Instead, we will interact, research and trade recipes. The food we serve comes with beautiful ingredients, artful presentations and the use of creative cooking methods to tell you our story.


Our employees are selected to be creative and experienced in food and beverage but will also have a personal relation to the arts in order to absorb the concept of the space.

All our managers have a hand on approach and are passionate about the industry, serving with a 5 star technique but in a relaxed and friendly environment. The Executive Director will personally trains each manager in an intense 2-week programme prior to his or her actual start date.

We believe that knowledge is power and that our team should be given all the tools to ensure consistency, quality, and professionalism but most importantly, be themselves, be passionate and be enthusiastic.

Hotline: (08) 3898 9347 (Table booking and inquiries)