Believing in the potential of coffee culture’s development in Vietnam, we aim to lead the change in consumers’ perception about coffee’s source and flavours, educating and strengthening the quality and the love of coffee from the community.


 With the aim to educate and cultivate the understanding about coffee consuming behaviour in Vietnam, our mission starts with showcasing our expertise in selecting the beans and roasting techniques. Collaborating with the K’ho tribe, we strive to enrich the consumers’ experience with sustainable growing methods and stories of the coffee culture in Vietnam.


As part of a coffee community, the practice of light roasting allows us to deliver natural delicate flavours from the arabica bean. With V60, aeropress, syphon and cold drip alternative brewing methods, the higher acidity in our coffee is reserved to enhance the original taste of coffee and to bring out different aspects of flavours all naturally without any chemical interference. Besides these methods, we appreciate and respect the traditional coffee culture, starting with featuring phin and expresso.