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Instructed by: Nguyễn Chiến Trường
Date: 07 September 2019
Time: 4 – 6pm
Language: Vietnamese only

To Asian, or for Vietnamese in particular, tea has played a necessary role in local cuisine, both as a drink and a culinary ingredient. Though usually acknowledged as ‘green tea’, tea in fact varies in types và flavors; and tea-making steps are as diverse as its origins. Different types of tea require different steps to make in order to bring out the best taste. But do you know the correct steps to make tea, and how to pair tea with other flavors? 

At Tea: Talk & Taste workshop, we invite you to explore 3 different types of tea: Thái Nguyên, 4-season Oolong and Shan Tuyet by walking you through the process of making, tasting and pairing with your favorite Mooncake flavor.