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Artists: Duo Siedl/Cao
Date: 23 February 2019
Time: 5 – 7pm
Language: Bilingual translation

The Usual Nexus’ is an experimental theater, consisting of objects and sound that forms an interactive installation for performers and audiences.  The context of this lab is a fictional not-too-far-away future, where people are serving their own creative products – Artificial Intelligence (AI). Human development is always associated with the desire to overcome deficiencies, such as imprecision, fallibility and time-inefficiency, which is likely to result in the replacement of human labour by blue-and-white collar machines. Today’s science fiction scripts very often involve an active conflict between human and machine, who see each other as threat. ‘The Usual Nexus’ is a continuation of that scenario, when human society is under the control of AI and obeys them unconditionally. Ironically, the performance is a deliberate low-fi setup of a fake-intelligent commander.. All sounds and visuals are generated in real time using an interactive system consisting of light sensor, light and shadow, motors, modular synthesizer, random generators, objects, 2 performers and live radio.

The performance elicits many questions for the audience:  What are our roles as humans and how do we feel within the system created by ourselves? Will we be enslaved by machines, that we in the first place created or has AI the potential to save us from ourselves and enable us to pursue deeper self-reflection and a more human life?

In addition to the performance, artists Cao Thanh Lan and Gregor Siedl will share more about their artistic ideas and leading to the realization of the performance, how they have been working as a collective and the motivation to use sound and performance as a medium in their artworks.

The event’s schedule:

Performance “The Usual Nexus”: 5 – 6pm

Artist’s talk: 6 – 7pm

Ticket: 200,000vnd/person (limited to 60 participants)

Register and payment method here.

**Participants of the event allow The Factory and co-organizer (if applicable) to use their images and statements as documentary for the program, for non-commercial purposes such as: archive, press, media, promotion on our website, Facebook etc.