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Speakers: Trúc Anh and Trọng Gia Nguyễn 
Date: 2 April 2016
Time: 4:30PM – 6:00PM

For the TechNoPhobe exhibition, Truc-Anh collaborated with Loga3D and RMIT to produce a series of 3D printed mask sculptures, amalgamated from sources as varied as indigenous masks to the Terminator. The sculptures are displayed within the confines of three walls entirely covered in a collision of poster-sized, photocopied portraits taken from the artist’s personal library of visual references for his paintings. These images have been collected obsessively from online sources as well as newspapers, books, and magazines. The installation as a “sculptural collage” reiterates the artist’s fascination with a de-centralized sense of self, one that is no longer fixed to any one location or tradition. Therefore “The Quantic Family” is not interested in technology itself, but how we can use such mediums to de-stabilize traditions and norms.