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Speakers: Bill Nguyễn, Grace SambohJulia Sarisetiati và Vicky Đỗ
Date: 15 December 2018
Time: 2 – 4pm
Language: English with Vietnamese translation

Two curators, two artists, one exhibition. How does this work (out)? What does this ‘work’ entail and who does this ‘work’ involve – internally and externally? Coming from two countries (Indonesia and Vietnam), sharing certain similarities, but also with vastly different contexts, backgrounds, experiences and social circumstances, what does it take for four individuals to make an exhibition, together? Collaborativeness; a willingness to listen and be challenged; an openness to change and flexibility; but, what else? What about debates, arguments, even failures? How do we share complicities? How to embrace all these matters, while having to ensure an exhibition needs to be made? How is the audience considered?

Join this four-way discussion between curators Grace Samboh and Bill Nguyễn, and artists Julia Sarisetiati (Sari) and Vicky Đỗ to find out more! This event is part of the public programs satelliting ‘We’re in this, together’, the resulting exhibition as part of the first edition of ‘Pollination’, a program driven by the need to create critically active and supportive artist-curator-community networks within Southeast Asia. Initiated by The Factory, this inaugural edition is co-developed and co-sponsored, with SAM Fund for Arts and Ecology (Indonesia).

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Video document of the discussion