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Hosted by: The Factory and Fine Arts University’s Students
Time: 5:30PM – 9PM
Date: 14 September 2016

Mid-Autumn Festival is the time for family to get together, enjoying cakes, tea and lovely small talks. How are your kids going to spend their Mid-Autumn festival to get creative? 

At “Moon Festival”, from 5.30PM to 9PM at The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre, your kids will have the chance to experience the art of story telling with “paper puppet”, a special and exciting art form carried out by the students of Fine Arts University.

This is also an occasion for parents to adore the talents of the junior artists’ dynamic creativity through lantern decoration activities. With various emotion layers and the combination of different cultures, each kid will build their own artwork with a mark of personality, expressing their special characteristics with a dip of innocence and joy.

The iconic lantern ceremony, a traditional bit in Mid-Autumn Festival, will also be hold to celebrate the full moon. Harmonising and blending in the warm spirit of Moon Festival, families will have the chance to enjoy the diversity of homemade mooncakes and tea right at The Factory. Cakes will also be available for purchasing so you can have a taste of all flavours and to share with families and friends.

All these programs provide great opportunities for kids to obtain and interact with knowledge about Mid-Autumn Festival – one of the most ancient festivals for kids.

*English translators are available at the festival

Entrance fees (Parents can participate for free)

  • 180,000VND/Ticket/Kid
  • 160,000VND/Ticket/Kid for group from 2 kids.

*Entrance fee is included all materials for “Moon Festival”

*Limitation of 70 kids is applied to ensure the program’s quality