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Speaker: Stephen Baker
Hosted by:
Oxford University Clinical Research Unit (OUCRU)
Date: 21 March 2017
6.30PM – 8PM

The risk of zoonotic infections in Vietnam

Vietnam has been an epicenter of zoonotic (animal to human) disease emergence over the last decade, which has been driven by some of the highest densities of human and animal populations in Southeast Asia. The fact that approximately 50% of the Vietnamese population live in rural areas and participate in small-scale, or backyard, farming practices exacerbates this process.  Professor Stephen Baker, a molecular microbiologist, and his team at the Oxford University Clinical Research Unit (OUCRU) Ho Chi Minh City have led the 5-year VIZIONS project (Vietnam Initiative on Zoonotic Infections) which established a system of surveillance for diseases of unknown origins in hospital patients and create a system to sample wild animals at several rural sites throughout Vietnam. This work has highlighted that there is no “one size fits all” for this type of disease emergence and that whilst global health systems are improving we are poorly prepared for the next big outbreak.

This event is in association with BBC World Service and follows collaborations and topics of interest associated with the exhibition ‘Flat Sunlight’ by artist Lena Bui, which took place at The Factory in 2016.


This is a free event but registration here is required due to seat limitation. Free drink voucher given on registration by 18 March 2017.

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Image: Ducks are loaded up ready for sale in Ha Vi market, Vietnam’s largest poultry market. Credit: M Chambers

Stephen Baker is Professor of Molecular Microbiology at the University of Oxford and has been working on infectious disease research in Vietnam for almost ten years, where he is head of OUCRU’s Enteric Infections group.   Stephen has been recognized for his work on enteric diseases, such as norovirus, Shigella spp. and Salmonella typhi, which cause a significant disease burden in low- and middle-income countries. His recent work has looked at the evolution and spread of antibiotic resistance, and he combines genomics and epidemiology to provide a better understanding of disease outbreaks. Stephen has recently been awarded the prestigious 2017 Fleming Prize by the Microbiology Society, which is awarded to an early career researcher who has achieved an outstanding research record.       Follow Steven on Twitter: @Stephen_oucru

The BBC World Service
The BBC World Service, partnering with the Wellcome Collection UK, is exploring some of the biggest challenges facing our world today in a new programme of events and radio broadcasts in a series called ‘The Evidence: Humans and Animals’. In this series, presenters Claudia Hammond and Ngoc Nguyen join scientists, other experts and a live audience to ask what is man’s relationship with animals.

OUCRU Public Engagement
The Oxford University Clinical Research Unit (OUCRU) is based at a local hospital in District 5 HCMC.  Scientists and doctors at OUCRU work together to study infectious diseases that are common in Vietnam and the region, and to improve diagnosis and treatment of these diseases.  The OUCRU Public Engagement team work to bring science and people closer together, towards a greater understanding on both sides.  We engage with patients and their families, school children and the general public – using art, theatre, film public talks and debates and much more.  For more information contact Dr Mary Chambers mchambers@oucru.org and www.oucru/#publicengagement/