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Speaker: Bill Nguyễn
Date: 16 March 2019
Time: 4 – 6pm
Language: Vietnamese only

Do you ever get off your smartphone for a second and wonder what kind of age we are living in? With unstoppable climate change; irreversible ozone depletion; rising global population as well as extinction of various species, this celebrated age of digital development, which has been occurring since the middle of the last century, altering the way we live, work and relate to one another (and to Nature) – can it help slow down the profound effects we are leaving on Earth? In our current exhibition ‘Machine is Nature’, 15 artists look at, and respond to, this changing landscape (as well as our modified living environment as consequence), engaging with notions of nature’s beauty (but also its vulnerability), imagining new realities in which our mastery over Nature makes us slaves to the Machine.

So get off your smartphone and join this art tour with co-curator Bill Nguyễn Learn more about the ideas behind the artworks, and see how our participating artists use with their machines of vision (the camera) to reflect and construct different possible futures for humankind.

To ensure tour’s quality, we only accept 30 guests for this event. Please kindly register here to secure your participation.

**Participants of the event allow The Factory and co-organizer (if applicable) to use their images and statements as documentary for the program, for non-commercial purposes such as: archive, press, media, promotion on our website, Facebook etc.