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Speaker: Joshua Breidenbach
Date: 14 June 2017
Time: 7pm – 9pm

Q: What do UNICEF ZEROawards, Marou Chocolate, Hennessy Concert series and Le Fruit have in common?

A: Rice Creative

Continuing to provide you with the insights and inspiration of successful talents based in Vietnam, this June ‘Creative Sessions’ has invited one of the masterminds behind Rice Creative for a chat – Joshua Breidenbach. ’What does it mean to practice branding in a culture different from the one you grew up in? For me it meant sharing my unique perspective, and receiving loads of inspiration. Later, it meant a greater feeling of responsibility. Our studio in Vietnam seeks to understand local culture, so that we may be useful in promoting it. We carry out research to shed light on cornerstones of the local visual culture. The brands we help create use this substance to send a message around the world. They are precious, and cannot be misconstrued or compromised.’

This event is in English only.

The ‘Creative Sessions’ is about sharing the inspiration behind creative thinking in Vietnam. Whether you are an artist, architect, chef, fashion designer, illustrator, musician, scientist or writer, these ‘sessions’ seek to demonstrate how creativity can be about allowing our minds to open up, that it may be as much about learning a discipline as it is about taking wonder in the everyday present moment.

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