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Artist: Nguyễn Ngọc Thạch
Exhibition date: 9 August to 27 October 2019 (Opening at 6pm on 9 August 2019)

‘Broken Relationships’ is an investigation by Nguyễn Ngọc Thạch into the chaos of the current world order and the loss of ethical ground in a human-to-human social contract. Who and for what are we held responsible, or accountable, for our actions? With his adept painterly treatment of the aesthetics of landscape and the realm of the psyche, Thạch (at times reminiscent of his childhood memories spent on the coast of Central Vietnam, at times reflective of his current life on the margin of Saigon), seeks to understand individual experience in the face of powerlessness, perplexed by the excess (or negligence) of humanity towards its own integrity and environment. Thạch humbly captures the anguish of learning the human condition, unwaveringly confronting his own discern of trauma and suffering.

This exhibition is part of ‘Materialize’, a program that aims to provide exhibition opportunities for Vietnamese artists who have had little chance to create exhibitions of their art in Vietnam. Artists are challenged to extend their experimentation with concept and media beyond their training and general assumptions about art. This program is open for application to artists born and currently living in Vietnam and over the age of 25. Artists must submit specific information for consideration, which is assessed by an appointed jury. The next application call for Materialize 2020 will be published in October 2019.


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