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Speakers: Tammy Nguyễn and Hà Ninh
Date: 16 August 2019
Time: 4 – 6PM
Language: English with Vietnamese translation

The Factory invites you to listen to the articulate minds of Tammy Nguyễn and Hà Ninh, the artists behind our current exhibition ‘Necessary Fictions’. In this duo show, Tammy and Hà Ninh take inspiration from the cultural legacies and consequences of two of mankind’s greatest inventions: the art of myth-making (through stories), and the art of cartography (through maps). Both artists contemplate on the human need to feel a sense of recognition and control (for a map measures distances between places and people, shows borders and identifies one’s location in relation to others’); and to confront the damage we create and the risks we undergo in order to sustain our desire for power (for dilemmas and repercussions spelt out for humanity in many myths, fairytales or works of fiction often pass on life teachings across different generations and cultures). 

Through their art, Tammy and Hà Ninh expand the language of painting – art’s longest-standing medium – into an effective tool for exploration, each embracing the experimental and imaginative quality of paper in their own ways (Tammy with a constant referencing of literature and ‘non-fiction’ fictions, of a textual research of human fallibility; and Hà Ninh with the enquiry into different ‘logic systems’, the cartography of human habitat and the imprint of its psychological behavior). Join us to learn more about not only the concepts and motivations behind their art, but also their relationship to their shared medium of painting – as a tool for learning and world-building, and a way of living and nurturing themselves as well as others.


Participating fee:
➖Adult: 100,000VND (online); 130,000VND (at door)
➖Student with appropriate IDs: 40,000VND


*Participants of the event allow The Factory and co-organizer (if applicable) to use their images and statements as documentary for the program, for non-commercial purposes such as: archive, press, media, promotion on our website, Facebook etc

Video document of the talk