‘Hidden Future 5’ from ‘The Prolonged Interventions’ Series, 2016

Photo printed in aluminum

80 x 120cm


All artworks available for sale. Please contact art@factoryartscentre.com for further information.

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Le Phi Long

b.1988, Hue
Le Phi Long is a visual artist based in Ho Chi Minh City. He graduated in interior design at Hue Fine Art University in 2012, then participated and became a member of residency eNAME Art Center in Hanoi. He joined the residency artist group at San Art Laboratory in Vietnam the following year and Bamboo Curtain Studio, Taiwan in 2015. Long’s practices include paintings,location art, set design, photography and conceptual objects. He makes art through historical and geographical study of human origins as well as the intervention in the cultural shift, examining the communities affection on generation.