A Land at a Not Yet Known City Pond, 2013

Digital C-print on perspex, neon light, wooden box


4 components (framed):
1st component: 98,5 x 95,5 cm;
2nd component: 98,5 x 136,5 cm;
3rd component: 98,5 x 143,5 cm;
4th component: 98,5 x 87,5 cm


4 ed. + 1 AP


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Tran Minh Duc

b. 1982, HCMC. Trần Minh Đức is a visual artist born and lives in Saigon. Đức is interested in the interactions between the collective and the individual, the local and the foreign. His practice interrogates what it means to be Vietnamese in the complex fabric of contemporaneity. He graduated from the painting department of the College of Culture and Arts of Ho Chi MInh City. His work spans performance, photography, collage, printmaking and installation, exploring notions of collective memory and cultural archives through investigating historical narratives, the effects of colonialism and imperialism, and the lasting impacts of war and migration.