Yatender (Ao Kim Ngân)

b. 1988, Ho Chi Minh City

Yatender (Ao Kim Ngân) switches her practice to photography after a career in graphic design, to confront the incessant emotional turbulence simmering just beneath the surface. Her artistic ethos, drive and work are highly personal in nature. Yatender is pursuing an experimental approach to inquire and attune, both within and without, through the art of capturing images behind the lens. Her film photography captures fleeting moments to savour again at a later date. This frees her up to live fully in the present, with the knowledge that nothing beautiful is lost, only perhaps transformed, through the capricious tendency of both film and memory.

  • I, ME, MINE

  • Talk & Workshop With Saigon Artbook 7’s Artists – Day 2

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