Urban Dance Group

Ho Chi Minh City

Urban Dance Group ( UDG) is a combination of young and talented dancers from different dance backgrounds, each offering something unique and special – lead by renowned choreographer John Huy Tran. Since its inception in 2009, UDG has been reaching audiences through stage performances , film, festivals and charity, making it one of the major dance influences in Vietnam. With all aspects of Contemporary , Jazz and Hip Hop, UDG also collaborates with international professionals to expand their knowledge and push the limits of not only dance but art in all of its forms. UDG continuously strives to create a platform for young performers, allowing them to bring their identity into the international dance scene. UDG aims to strengthen the role of choreography and redefine the image of professional dance and dancers within Vietnam, to stimulate a deeper understanding of performance and dance. Besides dance projects, UDG produce shows such as: Between Us (2016 – 2017), Sống show – Life is a game (2013), Jazz show (2013), Spotlight (2011). www.udgvietnam.com


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