Tuấn Mami

‘For me, art is a culturally engaged process that transforms one reality to another… It is a process of researching new means of communication, to push our boundary of being to… explore new worlds’.


Tuấn Mami (b. 1981, Hanoi) works with moving communities, particularly the experiences of Vietnamese living abroad. Mami is motivated by the impact of imposed social structures on everyday life, his art embracing the role of the ‘encounter’ as crucial to his practice, with many of his projects developed with particular individual or community (a methodology gained from the numerous residency opportunities afforded his generation as a means of a critical arts education). Researching the historical, social and cultural backgrounds that prompt migration, displacement, exile, loss and love, Mami’s interdisciplinary art employs a range of forms, from installation, photography, performance, sound, video and long-term community-driven projects. Tuấn Mami is a graduate of Vietnam University of Fine Arts, Hanoi; a member of Nhà Sàn Collective (since 2013); and co-founder of experimental art space, ‘Á Space’ (since 2018): both entities artist-initiated, mentor-driven and reliant on a volunteer ethos. Tuan Mami currently lives and works in Hanoi. http://www.nhasan.org/ | http://aea.space/en/about


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