Trần Tuấn

‘I believe that the practice of contemporary art in Vietnam needs to create a socially connected environment in which people come together to participate and share in an activity.’


Trần Tuấn (b. 1981, Hue) works with public space, the majority of his sculptures situated in outdoor environments, inviting people to interact, and even contribute to its creation. Playing with scale where the familiar becomes near alien – where fingers, building tools, children’s toys are blown up larger than life – Tuan inserts these tools onto bridges, public parks and riverbanks. Working with various communities in the realization of his art, these activities often prompted by social inequalities, desiring his art be a platform through which support, awareness and understanding can be collectively achieved. Working also with drawing, video, installation and performance, Tuan is a graduate of Information Design, Hue University; founder of Then Café and Làng Art Dorm – exhibition and residency spaces with a focus on creating exhibition and international exchange activities for contemporary artists in Huế. Tran Tuan currently lives and works in Hue.


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