Trần Kim Hoa

b. 1980, Ho Chi Minh City

Contemplative and often inward looking, Trần Kim Hoa spends most of her time grappling with questions of identity, attempting to simultaneously project her reflection onto other people’s images and map their shadows onto hers. Kim Hoa savours especially the rough edges, lumps and bumps of the human body. For the artist, apparent ‘distortions’ are testimony of a life in its trajectory; all shapes tell a story. Despite being trained in the art of lacquer painting, Kim Hoa often produces in her artistic practice oils on canvas, charcoal sketches, watercolors and pastels on paper, because of the freedom she perceives these mediums afford her.

  • I, ME, MINE

  • Talk & Workshop With Saigon Artbook 7’s Artists – Day 1

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