Tạ Quốc Kỳ Nam

Ho Chi Minh City

Tạ Quốc Kỳ Nam graduated from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, majoring in Press & Communication, achieving his success in design. Without any formal training, Nam  figured out the design softwares by himself, following the success of his cover-design for the book ‘Xứ Cát’, which won Book Cover of 2009 by Nha Nam Press. He is now the designer behind hundreds of book covers published by Nha Nam, many of which have left great impression on the public, such as ‘The Drifters,’ ‘1Q84’ (Book Cover of 2012 for two volumes), ‘Cold Blood’ amongst others, or controversy such as the cover of ‘The  tale of Kiều’ (2015). In addition, Nam has also produced several creative works that have wielded powerful media influence, such as the comic strip ‘Sói Mặt Đơ và cô Bitch Quàng Khăn Đỏ’ (2014). Kỳ Nam has appeared on HTV to discuss about his designs, the creative works and has been invited for public speaking at local Universities to share about his experience.


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