Shyevin S’ng

b.1980, Ho Chi Minh City

Shyevin S’ng began her artistic journey with Vin Space Art Studio. Designed as a boutique home-style studio, Vin Space teaches the fundamentals of art and illustration to learners of all ages, from both local and international communities. The next venture found a face in Vin Gallery, a dynamic space that since 2012, has been spreading awareness of modern art and emerging contemporary artists from across South East Asia. Exhibitions are dedicated to the work of artists who work with various mediums and are from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds, with vast life experiences. Most recently, founded in late 2016, inpages, an independent publisher and art bookstore, became part of the family. From conception to launch, inpages’s vision has stayed constant – to create a platform for young artists to develop their skills and showcase their works, with a special emphasis on producing books with Vietnamese artists.


  • I, ME, MINE

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