Nguyễn Phương Linh

‘Refusing the Vietnamese propaganda and conservative education system, I travel the country as an alternative way of learning… Ultimately I want to share my contemplations on alienation and the ephemerality of human life’


Nguyễn Phương Linh (b. 1985, Hanoi) works with stories of resistance and resilience. Her conceptual signature – investigations of materiality that signify particular forgotten histories – developed from a self-taught education, working across installation, photography, video, sculpture, and performance. Her art often demands site investigation (of salt mining or rubber plantations as examples), desiring an understanding of the purpose and movement of social life. Such historical excavation seeks to identify the impact of human labour and consumption, her works variably embracing the repetitive use of symbol, image, object as a way of commenting on humanity’s negligence of its people, place and customs. Linh’s family co-founded ‘Nha San Duc’ in 1998, one of the most influential artist-run, stridently independent initiatives that pioneered the language of ‘contemporary’ art in Vietnam. Today, this entity is now known as ‘Nha San Collective’, to which Linh serves as mentor to its next generation of artists. She currently lives and works in Hanoi.


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