Nguyễn Phương Linh

b. 1985, Hanoi

Nguyễn Phương Linh was born into a family that cared about culture, her father being co-founder of Nha San (Hanoi), one of the most influential artist-run, stridently independent, initiatives that pioneered the language of ‘contemporary’ art in Vietnam. As a consequence, Linh’s commitment to art is one of resistance and resilience, her conceptual forte – investigations of materiality that signify particular forgotten histories – a signature element developed with a self taught education of direct observation, enduring surrounding production of so much art by her seniors and peers. Working across installation, photography, video, sculpture, and performance, much of Linh’s practice demands site investigation (of salt mining, rubber plantations as example) desiring an understanding of purpose and movement of social life that determines meaning and use for materials. All of this social investigation seeks to identify the impact of human labor and consumption, her works often embracing the multiple (repetitive use of symbol, image, object) as a way of commenting on humanity’s repetitive negligence of its people, place and customs. For her generation, Linh remains one of the most driven voices, her poetic and lyrical approach (particularly as a woman artist in Vietnam – a role not often culturally supported in the domestic family sphere) is at times abstract and elusive, playing with light and its absorption in a particularly sensitive manner.

  • Machine Is Nature