Nguyễn Hữu Khang

Khang Nguyễn (also known as Benz) is a contemporary dancer with Breaking (widely known as Breakdancing) background, currently based in Hoi An. Benz started breaking since 2013, he then in 2018 was inspired by contemporary dance. He was curious about the body movement of this art form and wanted to adopt it in order to develop his own approach, his own dance style. For that reason, in the same year, he decided to participate in a casting audition and successfully took a huge role in “PALAO” which is a production show of Phu Sa SE, choreographed by Ngô Thanh Phương, with Inra Jaka as advisor. Until 2020, Benz took part in “X-PROJECT” as a performer and a member of Morua Art Project which is also founded and choreographed by Ngô Thanh Phương. This is the first contemporary community built in Hoi An. According to Benz, while moving or dancing, he is always fully aware of every movement of his body. He concentrates on the mechanical, technical aspects and details of each movement. Benz sees technique as a transportation that allows him to move freely. All of his energy is drawn from that. He believes that having the right technique helps him easily access every single image created in his mind and bringing those images to life. “To me, my body is like a universe, a universe that contains multidimensional spaces. Everytime I dance or move, I feel like I’m on a trip where I’m exploring, researching and trying to learn more about my own space, my universe in order to clarify my color and the concept of my universe. Thus, I will be able to understand more about myself: ‘Who am I?’ And ‘How am I?'” Benz said.