Nguyễn Công Nguyên

‘I call myself Bozol. I found out about Hip-Hop in 2007 and started to gain my interest in dancing. I started to practice dancing since 2008 until now. In the beginning, I have tried many styles of dance. Only when I found Popping in 2010, I felt so satisfied with every movement of it and decided to dig deeper into this genre. I taught myself about Popping and practiced for a while. In 2014, I founded FUNKY SOULS, a Popping crew and wanted to promote for this dance style in my local area. When I came back from my military service (2016-2018), I started to learn about contemporary art practices in Hoi An. In April 2019, I became a dancer of “Palao” dance show which was choreographed by Ngô Thanh Phương. That became a milestone in my practice of contemporary movement. 6 months later, I have the opportunity to join ‘The talk’, a dance film directed by Ngô Thanh Phương. Since then until the beginning of X-PROJECT, I have built my desire to research deeper about the nature and the origin of movement, the beauty and not-beauty of emotion, body, action, of everything existing around us. To nurture my art and my daily life, I decided to become a baker and started to connect everything and make the support of one another.’