Ngô Thanh Phương

Ho Chi Minh city

Graduated in 2008 from the Folkwang Hochschule (Folkwang University) in Essen, Germany. Phuong came home to Vietnam and worked with Ea Sola Dance Company. After that, worked at the acclaimed Arabesque Dance Company as one of the key choreographer. At the same time, she has collaborated with many different artists from different disciplines, made many different experimental works and founded the Open Stage Project. In 2012, Phuong received the Best Choreography Award at the International Modern Dance competition in Korea, and a grant from the Danish Cultural Development and Exchange Fund (CDEF) for her experimental work ‘Erasable’ at the same year. In 2013, she got 3 months grant for residency 2014 from Cleveland Foundation in Ohio, USA. In 2015, cooperated with ‘A O Show’ creators and participated in the choreography of ‘The Mist’ from the early days, Phuong has bonded and shared visions with Lune Production’s artistic board members. She now played central role as choreographer for Teh Dar show, the latest cultural new circus spectacle from Lune Production. At the same year, she got 6 months fellowship for residency 2016 from Asian Cultural Council in New York, International Choreographer Residency from American Dance Festival in North Carolina, and the residency collaborate with composer program in Pocantico Center, USA. Since 2017, she started to focus on the relationship between native culture and contemporary culture, a bridge between traditional mind and contemporary life. So she starts to research and work with the natives from Tay Nguyen highlands with “Thoai” and Champa with “Palao”. At the moment she is the founder of the MORUA Arts residency project based in Hoi An, firstly her work is X-PROJECT.