Nghĩa Đặng

b. 1994

Nghĩa Đặng is a young artist who’s received the ‘Distinguished Scholarship’ from the Art Institute of Chicago, USA (2015-2018). He received a Bachelor of Arts (2018) from this school. Up until this point, the focus of his practice revolves around the intricate relationship between the interior and exterior, reality and the mind’s imaginations, and power relations in today’s society. Through personal experiences, he wants to question what’s hidden in the transition between intimacy and distance, revelation and concealment. Đặng often use a wide variety of materials, combined with found objects in order to create curiosity about the presence/meaning existing in them and experimenting with the way they communicate with each other. Most of his artworks are assemblage of 2 dimensions, 3 dimensions, various sizes, utilizing all corners of the exhibition space in order to propose multiple intimate and persuasive interactions with ‘the observer’. A few of his select group exhibitions include: Đục Đầy/Lấp Rỗng, 2017, Nhà Sàn Collective, Hanoi, Vietnam; -Ology, 2017, Sullivan Gallery, Chicago, IL, USA.


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