Nam Thi

b. 1994

Nam Thi is a poet born in Hanoi and graduated from the Academy of Journalism and Communication with a major in Philosophy. He is currently editor at L’Officiel Vietnam magazine. For Thi, poetry functions as a sanctuary for the mind, for “in times of difficulty, it is where we seek refuge.” Thi often uses highly symbolic and visually-imbued language to tackle and reveal the depth of his psyche and subject matters. He considers poetry an art of language, a tool that allows words to be free from being commodified, commercially consumed, or confined by linguistic boundaries. In his poetry, Thi lets words wander; he strives to make them uncanny, and in doing so, recalls their familiarity. In 2019, his poetry was selected to feature in the ‘Subtitle: Southeast Asian Short Film Festival’ zine (Chicago, US). During the 2020 Lunar New Year, Thi hosted his first ‘Performing Poetry’ night, where he experimented with fusing poetry and indie music.