Michael Møller

Michael Møller is a Danish singer and songwriter. He is a singer of the band moi Caprice and has two acclaimed solo performances behind him. He is also educated from the University of Copenhagen with a bachelor’s degree in music and literature studies, as well as a master’s degree in modern culture and cultural dissemination.


With moi Caprice , Michael Møller released the debut album “Once Upon a Time in the North” in 2003, and the band has since released additional records 3 and a single collection. In 2007, Michael Møller released his solo debut, “Every Streetcar’s Got a Name – An album about sex and desire”; a conceptual story about sex and desire.


In 2011, Michael Møller released the great song cycle “A Month of Unrequited Love”. The work consisted of 31 songs, which were uploaded one at a time each day in May 2011. The songs were later released as a double CD and triple vinyl using fan donation whereby the release marked as the first crowdfunded music publishing in Denmark.


Michael Møller has regularly received great reviews for both his lyrics and songs. His debut album was voted the best record of the year in Berlingske in 2007, while “A Month of Unrequited Love” was on most of the Danish media lists at the end of 2011. He has also received a series of nominations and prizes, among which he won 2011 a Danish Music Awards as the Innovator of the Year. At the award of the 2012 Steppe Floor 2012 , Michael Møller received the award as “Composer of the Year”.


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