Mai Nguyên Anh

‘My vision is to document the lives of the underrepresented. Those whose voices are drowned by society’s efforts to maintain normalcy by figuratively castrating marginalized groups.’


Mai Nguyên Anh (b. 1992, Hanoi) works with a camera, he also writes and curates. Initially attracted to how photography affords a place to observe, Nguyên Anh soon found this journalistic, non-fiction approach not enough, wanting to visually share stories that poetically embrace place, time and people in ways that offer emotional insight. Touching on uncomfortable social issues as sexual deviance, domestic violence, the aged and infirm, or the psychological issues of distance, Nguyên Anh’s practice informs his co-founding of ‘MATCA’, an independent initiative dedicated to photography as a form of visual art. MATCA is an online journal that commissions new writing; a physical space that curates exhibitions, and a publishing project. Nguyên Anh is a graduate of economics and finance from the University of Surrey. He lives and works in Hanoi.


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