Lê Thúy

b.1988, Hanoi

Moving to Hanoi at the age of 19 to pursue her higher education at the Fine Arts University of Vietnam, Lê Thuý is now recognized as one of the country’s emerging talents who continue to work specifically with silk painting, while conceptually expanding its subject matter. Her depictions may appear idyllic in the traditional sense; however they have recently taken a different thematic direction, tapping into the underbelly of society, exploring human exploitation of nature and revealing the psychological angst of women in today’s Vietnam. Lê’s works have been collected by the Dogma Collection (Saigon) and the Elegant Team Development Collection (Hong Kong). Recent exhibitions include: ‘Where Is the Place of Peace’ (solo), Craig Thomas Gallery, Saigon, 2017; ‘The Order’ (solo), Chula Fashion House, Hanoi, 2015; ‘Yu Yu Viet Nam Blue’ (group), Vietnam Fine Arts Museum, Hanoi, 2015; ‘Emerging Soul’ (group), Mandala Fine Art Gallery, Singapore, 2015.

  • The Glass Box: Edition 1

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