Lê Hoàng Bích Phượng

b. 1984, Ho Chi Minh City

Graduated from the Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts University with a Major in Oil Painting in 2010, that same year, Lê Hoàng Bích Phượng was also chosen as one of the finalists for the Young Talent Award by the Culture & Development Exchange Fund (CDEF) of the Danish Embassy. Soon enough, Bích Phượng found her passion in silk painting and has since then been considered one of Vietnam’s most promising young silk painters. Incorporating her interest in Japanese manga with her thorough study of Vietnamese traditional silk painting, Bích Phượng has formed her unique style and technique. Her artworks focus on the emotional interaction between humans, which serve as the foundation for their social relationships, general behaviors and cultural habits. In 2011, she was awarded an artist-in-residence prize in Sapporo, Japan, as part of the ‘JENESYS Program: Invitation Program for Creators’ of the Japan Foundation, and was also one of the finalists for the DOGMA Art Prize in self-portraiture.



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