Lê Giang

b. 1988, Hanoi


Lê Giang earned a BA in Art Education from Vietnam Fine Art University and an MA in Fine Art at University of the Arts London, UK. Lê Giang’s point of departure is the question of the role of humans in nature and social structure. Intrigued by an Utopia that has none of humans, her practice attempts to research and depict how nature would react to the disappearance of humans when it happens, what legacy humans would have left behind, and what life form would then take place. Giang explores various mediums in her practice including coal, plaster, paper, recycled plastic.


Giang’s most recent exhibitions included: D’eau et de Verdure (Institut Francais Hanoi 2020), Phản niệm (Art Central Hong Kong 2019),  Phản niệm (Vin Gallery HCMC, 2018), Vestige of a Land (Goethe Institut Hanoi, 2017); Above Under Sky (Manzi Art Space Hanoi, 2014); Reincarnate (Conflictable Cube, Irabaki, Japan, 2013).

  • Re-Aligning the Cosmos